Linguistic Services


The SSML of Padua employs highly qualified teachers to offer TRANSLATIONS of technical, scientific, commercial, literary texts, etc. Our teachers are able to satisfy every necessity in a professional manner, granting competency and speed.
They have been working in the field of translation for many years, acquiring remarkable experience, which guarantees high-quality performances at competitive prices. They thoroughly understand the profession in its multi-faceted aspects.
Our working group has efficient up to date tools (dictionaries, reference documents, software, etc.) and can count on the cooperation of technicians with whom clarify any terminological doubt in the different sectors we deal with (building, mechanics, legal texts, etc.)

Our translations are the result of a tight-knit teamwork, which is essential to guarantee a quality product.


For further information or to receive a detailed quote, you can contact our representatives:

Dr. Gabriele Davini

tel. 0498800138
cell. 3493797325

Dr. Elena Finco

tel. 0415346457
cell. 3471414946

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