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E.S.U. of Padua

The SSML of Padua complies with regional law no. 8 of 7th April 1998, which includes our students among the beneficiaries of the interventions offered by ESU. Calls for tenders concern scholarships, accommodation and services.

The SSML of Padua is situated in the historic centre of Padua, served by the main bus and tram lines, just a few steps away from the main university accommodations, canteens, libraries and other services.

In order to apply for the benefits, students must complete the downloadable form on the website:

The request can be presented even if the process of enrolment to the university has not been completed yet. The evaluation will be conducted after the registration is completed, including the payment of the D.S.U. Regional Tax.

The strict deadlines for the submission of the applications and the payment of the Regional Tax for the academic year 2015/16 are:

— to be defined —

The request should be done after filling in the D.S.U. form (Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica ISEE – Substitute of the Income Declaration).

The payment of the Regional Tax for the university Right to Study is mandatory for the registration to the courses, according to Law no. 549 of 28th December 1995, article 3, paragraphs 20 and 23.

For further information please contact the educational office or the ESU Service Centre – via San Francesco, 122 – Padua – Phone number: (+39) 0498235600

Or consult the website

Downloadable forms

› D.S.U. tax

› Request for benefits

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