On Thursday 14th May, Dr. Bruno Osimo held a conference called: “Verso la qualità della traduzione: la tabella Valutrad e la ridefinizione del ruolo del traduttore nella cultura, laboratorio con esempi pratici”. (Focusing on the quality of translation: Valutrad table and the redefinition of the translator role in culture, through a workshop with practical exercises), in the great hall of our SSML of Padua.

It is an open workshop about Valutrad, the table used for cataloguing prototext-metatext translation changes. This tool helps to understand the categories in which the differences between the original text and the translation could fall. The original text of a chapter of Chaim Potok “Davita’s Arp” will be distributed in English with 12 Italian versions to all participants, inviting them to participate in the collective evaluation after the initial explanation of the table.

«Faced with the deteriorating conditions of translator jobs in Italy in the latest 20 years, two consequences have been identified. The first one is the unionisation of the category, the second one aims at the quality translation culture diffusion.

As a result of this second approach, the book “Traduzione e qualità” (Translation and quality) was published in 2004. After its publication, a group of studies on the translation quality and evaluation, Valutrad, was born. The group tries to establish sharable criteria to evaluate the quality of translation.

The workshop on 14th May had the purpose of giving a contribution on the diffusion of translation quality culture».

(Bruno Osimo)

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